Holiday Gifts for Those who are Hard of Hearing

Some people are hard to buy gifts for. They either have everything, or they like so many things that it’s difficult to choose one thing or another.

Sometimes, the best thing to get them is what fits either their personalities or their unique situations in life.

People with hearing loss are just as unique and varied as anyone else. So, the perfect gift might be one that fits their personal tastes or their lifestyles.

That would be difficult for us to suggest, so, in lieu of knowing their personality, we’d like to offer a few gifts to make their day easier:

Phonak Roger Touchscreen Mic
This is a microphone that works like an FM system mic. But, instead of having to be set up for different situations, the mic knows where it’s at and adjusts its settings automatically, from single speaker when it’s worn around the neck, to group conversation, when it’s placed on a table.

Phonak Roger On
This microphone is dedicated to understanding conversations in noisy environments. It is more compact than the touchscreen mic and can zoom in on speakers, so it’s perfect for anyone who must work in a noisy environment or often attends meetings.

Phonak Paradise P90 Hearing Aids
Hearing aids help us hear better, but these offer livestreaming, so you can beam the audio from TV shows or music directly into your ears. Plus, the noise cancelling features eliminate background noise. So, it’s hard to tell, are these hearing aids or a sophisticated set of headphones? Or both?

Ring Video Doorbell
This is perfect for someone with hearing aids that connect to their phones via Bluetooth®. With the audio being beamed into their hearing aids, they can see and speak with anyone at their door, no matter where they are in the house.

Hearing Aid Jewellery from Etsy
Since your loved one wears hearing aids, why not give them a gift to personalize their devices in their own style?

Hearing Impaired Toys from Learning Space)
Learning Space has toys that fit any child’s personality and interests, from sensory bubble sets to books about sign language and even rhyming books with sign language.