Mary and Ernie Iannacone

There are many ways to assess an individual after they have displayed exemplary service to a client. Some examples are: knowledge, skill, kindness, attitude, promptness, communication, cleanliness, etc. The list is lengthy.

If I were asked to complete a chart, listing characteristics such as these on the principal of Acoustica Hearing, it would be truthful as well as a pleasure for me to rate you and hence your firm, in the vast majority of cases, at number 10, being the highest, with the remaining few characteristics very close to that number. You would rank high in every possible category and one of the top leaders in the hearing community.

Both Mary and I are most pleased that you so capably look after the care of my hearing needs. We have had sufficient appointments with you that have confirmed our sincerest and complete satisfaction in your services. We definitely made the right choice.

Our recent recommendation that (a friend) consult with you as to her hearing needs was not done lightly. We would not have given your name to a close friend, known for over sixty years, unless we were totally assured of your high performance. We are certain that she will be just as appreciative of Acoustica Hearing and you as we are.

Your acknowledgement to us on this recommendation is certainly appreciated but our recommendation was, we can assure you, the proper thing to do, as (she) is our friend and deserves to be informed of anything beneficial. You were our obvious referral in this case.

Should a similar occasion arise, we would, without hesitation, be most pleased to offer your name and particulars.

Sincerely and with thanks for your valued assistance.

H. Beauregard
I work for the city and work 10 hr days on a very loud noisy truck and needed custom ear plugs . Reza and his staff went far and beyond my expectations to meet my hearing protection needs! He personally designing and hand crafted the best pair I’ve ever had , for a very reasonable price!

P.S. Their coffee is top notch while waiting! :-))

Derek F.,
” When it comes to hearing aids there are loads of hearing aids clinics, but Reza and his team at Acoustica have helped me make a choice that I enjoy. They have enabled me to once again enjoy communicating with family and friends, and have also given me the confidence to start conversations with people”.

Brian Hamilton, Burnaby, BC
Dear Mr. Robertson: I want to thank you and recommend your services to others who are seeking hearing aids.

I found the simple, forgotten pleasures of hearing so amazing – hearing the splashing sound of the tap, listening to bird calls, and even knowing that my jeans made noise when they rub together.

At a more relevant level: Conversation was easily understood, the TV able to be heard at normal volume (for which my wife thanks you), the loud noises at movie theatres scaled down, a surprise benefit of the aids.

Loud background at parties or at restaurants still requires facing the person speaking to me, but that was pointed out in the printed material you gave me and gives me the possibility of understanding and taking part now whereas I could not to so prior to my hearing aids.

Now I don’t get those puzzled looks because I’ve answered a question or made a commend about a topic that I guess was pertinent, only to realize that my guess had been wrong.

The aids are easy to wear all day with no discomfort. Friends are quite surprised when I mention my hearing aids because they have not noticed I wear them. I really can not thank you enough – a whole dimension of my life is back intact.

Mel Martin, Chilliwack, BC
This letter is in response to the excellent treatment I received this past week when I was tested for my new BTE (behind-the-ear) digital hearing aids.

Your brother John assured me that I would be getting these new hearing aids at a very reasonable price and I most certainly am satisfied that the price was indeed most satisfactory.

The hearing test went well with Stephanie doing the test and being very patient and taking the time to explain the procedure.

I was impressed with the actual programming procedure that Reza did, as he made sure that I understood how the new aids worked and that he was not satisfied until he made sure that I was hearing at a comfortable level.

After using the hearing aids for a week, I made an appointment to go back to the Acoustica Hearing Centre. Reza asked a few questions about the aids, and then made some minor adjustments, again making sure that before I left, I was hearing at a comfortable level.

After wearing these new hearing aids for just over two weeks now, I have to say they are very comfortable and offer no problem getting used to wearing them all day.

S. Ahmad, Vancouver
I want to thank you for the excellent service provided by you and your company for my mother and myself.

We are very pleased with our hearing aids and mother is thrilled she was able to get the same type of hearing aids as she previously had from your company. You and your company really did to the extra mile.

On behalf of my mother and myself, again a heartfelt thank you in appreciation.

Sharon Drake, Abbotsford, BC
I’m sorry that I took so long in sending this copy of me Ear Specialists’s business card. I know he would be very interested in any information that you could send to him regarding your factory outlet for affordable hearing aids.

I am thoroughly enjoying being able to “hear” again and my family, friends, and colleagues are happy too. No more repeating themselves,although some of them do it out of habit!

I have nothing but praise for all of you. Thank you so much for making such a difference in my life!

Eileen Cooke, Vancouver
I am so pleased with my Hearing Aid I received from Acoustica. I am totally satisfied with it and will certainly be back to get another one for my right ear. You do a fantastic job and you couldn’t ask for better service.

N.A. Hansen, Burnaby
I would like to express my appreciation for the service you have given me today.

I requested a repair on my hearing aid which was purchased from another well-known Hearing Aid company. You were not only able to repair it but did so in 20 minutes as I had indicated I was in a hurry but could come back another day.

Not only this, but the charge you made was $250 less than the minimum quoted to me by the original supplier. I would have had to wait at least several days or even a week or two for the repair from the original supplier.

You may be sure I will be telling my many senior friends about your company and service.

Z. Helmberger, Vancouver
I have been hard of hearing since birth and, thanks to Acoustica, this is the first time I can clearly hear consonants like “f”, “th”, and “s”!

I’ve tried lots of hearing aids dealers since I was very young and Acoustica was the first to sell me a hearing aid that was not the “top of the line”, most expensive model they had. And they listened to my desire for performance instead of cosmetics.

I needed power with comfort and they delivered for half the price! These folks really know how to make custom hearing aids to meet the needs of difficult to fit people like me. It’s definitely worth the trip to their office in Burnaby. Thanks!