DECT Phone

Although hearing aid technology continues to improve studies show that understanding in noise remains the number one challenging listening situation for clients with significant hearing loss.

These clients can benefit from an extra performance boost in noise over distance, when watching TV or using the phone. This can be obtained by using wireless accessories.

DECT Phone

TVLink ll

The TV and music interface: the TVLink ll is used with ComPilot ll or ComPilot Air ll to turn hearing aids into a wireless TV headset with stereo sound quality and a range of up to 30 meters (100ft).


ComPilot ll

The multi-purpose steamer: an around the neck streamer and remote control that provides high quality sound through hearing aids when talking on the phone, watching TV or listening to music for a longer period of time.


EasyCall ll

Cell phone solution: this out of the box solution connects hearing aids to any Bluetooth enabled cell phone allowing you to hear a call in both ears.


ComPilot Air ll

The clip-on streamer: a small on the go clip-on streamer and remote control focused on Bluetooth technology. It connects hearing aids to cell phones or Bluetooth enabled  music devices.



The lightweight wireless microphone: a Bluetooth clip-on-microphone that transmits the speaker’s voice directly to the both hearing aids via ComPilot ll or ComPilot Air ll over a distance up to 20 meters (66ft).


PilotOne ll

The discreet remote control: an easy to use remote control for hearing aids. It adjusts to volume and program settings with four simple buttons: Home, Volume Up, Volume Down and Program.