Phonak Roger On

Imagine standing at the front of a classroom with thirty kids. When you ask a question, the response can be an overwhelming rush of chaotic voices.

No Matter What You Do, Phonak Roger On Keeps the Conversation Going


When you raise your hands for the children to quiet down, then pick a child to answer, will you be able to hear what he or she says?

How about if you are giving a presentation in a boardroom, standing at the projector screen and hoping to impress your boss with your wisdom?

Then you pause for a second to allow the members of the board to ask their inevitable questions, all at once.

After they quiet down, many will still talk amongst themselves, while a few ask important questions. Will you hear them and answer with a flair?


Doctors oftentimes have the most important jobs in the world: keeping us as healthy as can be! If you are the doctor, and your patient and their family is gathered together to discuss the prognosis, the questions will come flying.

Will you be able to answer them, thereby giving your patient’s family the best (and hopefully the most positive!) information available?

Whether you are teaching thirty kids, giving a presentation in a boardroom, or talking to a family about your patient’s prognosis, Phonak’s Roger On, which connects wirelessly to your hearing aids, will help you answer the most important questions.

Roger On easily attaches to a wrist strap, which allows you to discreetly focus it on whomever you need to hear.

The device’s three microphones allow it to focus on a single speaker, or even on a group while removing background noise that can muddle the questions and comments that you need to hear the most.

Of course, Roger On doesn’t just help professionals hear better. Not by a long shot! When you are enjoying a cookout with the folks, you can wade through the noise and focus on the conversations you want to hear.

As the weather gets colder and the holidays begin to unleash their cheer, you can sit down at the dinner table and enjoy the give-and-take of a good conversation amid all the family’s chatter.

You can, in short, stay connected to the conversations that matter the most, whether they are professional and vital to your success, or personal and intimate.