Waterproof Hearing Aids

Life was meant to be lived without limits. Everyday things such as water, dust or shock shouldn’t bring yours to a halt.

Released in 2022, the Phonak Charger Case Go is a new inductive hearing aid charger for Phonak Audeo P-RL hearing aids. Phonak Charger Case Go contains a built-in and non-removable rechargeable lithium-polymer battery that stores up to three charges and continues charging hearing aids for situation when a power source is not available.

phonak hearing aids burnaby
  • Easy and simple to use
  • New inductive charging technology
  • Built-in battery stores up to three charges
  • Compatible with Phonak Audéo P-RL and L-RL (Life) model hearing aids
  • Original Phonak product in manufacturer-sealed packaging
phonak hearing aids burnaby

Water and dust resistant IP68: These robust hearing aids enable you to continue with your everyday activities knowing that they will function reliably and withstand even the toughest listening situations.