Three Steps to Maintain Better Hearing in the New Year!

The bells have stopped ringing, the horns are all quiet, the fireworks spent and the countdown is finished. The dancing is done, the frivolity’s over, the toasts have been made and our resolutions proclaimed.

The party may be over, but the new year stretches before us, glimmering with hope, new possibilities and the potential for dreams to come true.

Hearing health plays a vital role in staying connected to loved ones and to those possibilities that await. And the easiest way to maintain good hearing health is to treat a hearing exam much the same way you would treat your annual visit to the dentist, like a regular, old, run-of-the-mill check-up!

Here are three steps to help keep your hearing as young and vibrant as the new year:

1. Schedule an annual hearing check-up. During your exam, you will discover how healthy your hearing is right now. And, if you schedule annual hearing check-ups, you will be able to see how your hearing progresses from one year to the next. You will also be able to discuss any concerns you may have about your hearing or your daily listening environment.

2. Discover a solution that works best for you. If your hearing is in good shape, you might discuss listening strategies or whether your work or leisure environments warrant hearing protection, such as Phonak’s Serenity Choice. If you discover that you have hearing loss, you may be fitted with hearing aids such as Phonak Audéo Paradise with Bluetooth® connectivity and remote listening devices such as Roger.

3. Re-join the conversation. Staying connected to life is vital to your mental well-being. If you discover that you have hearing loss, then being properly fitted with hearing aids will help you reconnect to the world and rediscover what you’ve been missing.

We look forward to joining you on your journey to better hearing and brighter days in the new year.