Z. Helmberger

Z. Helmberger

I have been hard of hearing since birth and, thanks to Acoustica, this is the first time I can clearly hear consonants like “f”, “th”, and “s”!

I’ve tried lots of hearing aids dealers since I was very young and Acoustica was the first to sell me a hearing aid that was not the “top of the line”, most expensive model they had. And they listened to my desire for performance instead of cosmetics.

I needed power with comfort and they delivered for half the price! These folks really know how to make custom hearing aids to meet the needs of difficult to fit people like me. It’s definitely worth the trip to their office in Burnaby. Thanks!



Acoustica Hearing Clinic

During this time of physical distancing, due to the COVID-19 pandemic, Acoustica Hearing Clinic will remain open as an essential service for the emergency needs of our clients.

Emergency needs include:

Repair and/or Replacement of Hearing Aid(s)

Providing an Ongoing Supply of:  Batteries, Domes, Wax Guards


Our new hours of operation are:

Monday through Friday from 9:00am to 1:00pm.

Please call for an appointment. The clinic door will remain locked during our hours of operation.

When you arrive for your appointment please remain in your car and phone us: 604-294-1080