Mel Martin

Mel Martin

This letter is in response to the excellent treatment I received this past week when I was tested for my new BTE (behind-the-ear) digital hearing aids.

Your brother John assured me that I would be getting these new hearing aids at a very reasonable price and I most certainly am satisfied that the price was indeed most satisfactory.

The hearing test went well with Stephanie doing the test and being very patient and taking the time to explain the procedure.

I was impressed with the actual programming procedure that Reza did, as he made sure that I understood how the new aids worked and that he was not satisfied until he made sure that I was hearing at a comfortable level.

After using the hearing aids for a week, I made an appointment to go back to the Acoustica Hearing Centre. Reza asked a few questions about the aids, and then made some minor adjustments, again making sure that before I left, I was hearing at a comfortable level.

After wearing these new hearing aids for just over two weeks now, I have to say they are very comfortable and offer no problem getting used to wearing them all day.



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