Waterproof hearing aids

Siemens Waterproof
Aquaris Hearing Aids

Life was meant to be lived without limits. Everyday things such as water, dust or shock shouldn't bring yours to a halt.

With its tough build, impressive design, perfect engineering, and cutting-edge advancements, Aquaris™, the first truly waterproof hearing aid from Siemens, lets you actively enjoy every decibel of life to its fullest.

Innovative Aquaris™ is so much more than just a waterproof hearing aid: it’s one with maximum performance.

Aquaris Handling

Not only is Aquaris™ the first waterproof hearing aid from Siemens, it’s also completely comfortable to use.

The ergonomic shape of the BTE (Behind-the-Ear) hearing aid perfectly fits your ears and the soft rubber surface ensure it stays in place – even when you’re most active.

Available fitted with a slim LifeTube or as individual ear molds, you get to choose what meets your needs.

And it’s easy to care for, too: drying Aquaris requires only a gentle shake and a clean cloth.

Aquaris Technology

Automatically stops whistling

FeedbackStopper quickly detects, isolates, and eliminates whistling before it starts.

Adjusts to how you listen

SoundLearning 2.0 learns and automatically adjusts to your individual hearing preferences regardless of your environment.

Detects who’s talking to you

SpeechFocus automatically senses when someone is speaking to you. No matter what direction the voice comes from, it helps you understand what's being said.

Revolutionary Aquaris™
is the only hearing aid from Siemens that is completely waterproof. Flexible, robust, and always reliable, it truly lets wearers live actively and spontaneously without limits.

Featuring BestSound™ Technology from Siemens, it provides incomparable sound clarity and excellent hearing comfort in every situation – from a fast-paced tennis match to an important meeting.

The ambient sounds are never going to go away, and you need to hear them to be aware of your environment, but typically people will look at what they want to hear.'

— Dr. John P. Weigand

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Waterproof Hearing Aids
Aquaris is Waterproof!
-Completely sealed housing shell
-IP57 certified: waterproof up to 3 feet
-Custom-made soft ear mold for swimming

Sweat and dust resistant
-Efficiently repels dust, perspiration, and dirt
-Robust and moisture-resistant surface
-Watertight housing safeguards against corrosion

Shockproof hearing aids
-Virtually shockproof thanks to ergonomic shape and soft-touch lacquering
-Scratch-proof non-slip soft rubber surface
-Attachable Sport Clip for extra security

-BestSound™ Technology
-Unique materials ensure waterproof seal
-Connects seamlessly to Tek and miniTek wireless enhancement systems
Waterproof Hearing Aids

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