rechargeable hearing aids

Siemens Rechargeable Hearing Aid
by Acoustica Hearing.

Most of Siemens hearing instruments (BTEs) are always ready to keep up with your busy lifestyle.

That’s because you won’t have to stop to change batteries or dry your instruments. Just leave your BTE to the new battery charger to do it for you.

Siemens eCharger powers and protects your Siemens hearing instruments. Now available for Pure and Motion P behind-the-ear hearing instruments.

Six hours of rest is all it needs!

Many Siemens hearing instruments offer you unparalleled convenience: they run on standard batteries, as well as rechargeable ones.

Simply place your instruments in the eCharger at night and after just 6 hours, they’re ready to work all day.

Thanks to the new, improved battery charger, you’ll have no unwelcome surprises of batteries running out and no fumbling with your instruments. Now you can truly rest easy.

rechargeable hearing aids

Try our Rechargeable hearing aid!

Siemens CENTRA Active rechargeable hearing aids

Battery size and capacity

The primary goal with a rechargeable battery capacity is to achieve, at minimum, a full day's use.

The commonly used zinc air batteries of course have a higher capacity than rechargeable batteries, as can be seen in Fig 1.

This comparison, however, is not appropriate for the rechargeable battery, which needs to power a hearing instrument for a full day and then charge overnight.

Download Siemens rechargeable hearing aids manual.
Siemens CENTRA Active rechargeable hearing aids

Corrosion resistant battery coating

Rechargeable batteries need to be environmentally safe and corrosion resistant.

Traditional zinc air batteries are expected to last for approximately one week. With this short lifespan, there is little risk for corrosion. However, a rechargeable battery can be expected to last well over one year. This duration puts the rechargeable battery at a much higher risk for corrosion.

Siemens applies a clear, polymer film to the rechargeable batteries to inhibit corrosion

The coating is non-tacky and non-conductive. It contains corrosion inhibitors to help protect the battery.

In conjunction with the moisture resistant nature of Siemens eCharger rechargeable hearing aids, the hearing instrument wearer can feel confident in the longevity of the battery performance.
Siemens CENTRA Active rechargeable hearing aids


With current trends in technology and modern designs in hearing instruments, the time has finally come for a rechargeable hearing aids system that meets the needs of hearing instrument wearers.

Research indicates that a functional and practical rechargeable system must have long-lasting batteries that can be easily and comfortably recharged, thus providing the hearing instrument wearer a secure and reliable hearing system.

With Siemens rechargeable hearing aids, these demands for customer satisfaction are met and even surpassed with extra convenience and flexibility.

rechargeable hearing aids

Try our Rechargeable hearing aid!

Siemens CENTRA Active rechargeable hearing aids

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