Invisible hearing aids / Siemens hearing aid

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  • Free Hearing Testing and Consultation by Licensed Hearing Aid Specialist.(No Obligation)
  • Variety of Siemens hearing aids available.
  • 100% Digital, Practically Invisible.
  • Swimming Plugs and Hearing Protection.
  • Free Cleaning and Adjustments.5
  • All Make Hearing Aid Repair.
  • D.V.A and Blue Cross Provider.
  • Noise and Music Protectors
  • Custom Molds
  • Batteries and Accessories

Hearing aids products:
complete in the canal hearing aid

IN THE CANAL Invisible hearing aids

The CIC is the smallest available model and is the most invisible in the ear. Siemens Hearing aids
mini canal hearing aid

MINI CANAL Hearing Aid

The Mini Canal is slightly smaller than the canal and very appropriate for smaller ears. It uses a 10A battery and features a user adjustable volume control. Our hearing aid specialist will advise you on different options.
canal hearing aid

CANAL Hearing Aid

The Canal style instrument is a very popular model and can be almost hidden in most ears. Its size allows for more options than the CIC or Mini Canal.
half Shell hearing aid

HALF SHELL Hearing Aid

The Half Shell offers cosmetic appeal and room for a full range of options.

Full Shell hearing aid

FULL SHELL Hearing Aid

This model may be easier to handle and is available with an optional telecoil for telephone use.

Behind the bar hearing aid


BTE hearing instruments provide an option which may be most appropriate for you.


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