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Acoustica Manufacturing and Hearing aid company in BC, is the only maker of hearing aid instruments, and it is celebrating their 12th anniversary. We also offer Free Hearing Test. and Siemens hearing aids

Since opening its own hearing aids services retail outlet in Burnaby bc in the year 2000, Acoustica Hearing has enjoyed increasing business growth right from the outset by selling hearing products direct to the consumers through an in-house factory outlet.

Most hearing aid manufacturers are located in the east or in the United States, meaning that consumers often find that longer waiting times for delivery of hearing instruments are quite common. Please check our invisible hearing aid page.

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Acoustica hearing, voted the best hearing aids company in 2009 in bc and lower mainland, Canada.

.Acoustica is unique in Western Canada by selling hearing aids products that are made right on the site, allowing delivery times to be dramatically shorter than competitors. In fact, delivery may take as little as 2 days in some cases, thus helping their customers get on with enjoying their lives sooner.

Acoustica’s continued success can be attributed to its ability to addressing the two major concerns in the local market: high cost and the long delivery times.

By marketing its own hearing aids products, Acoustica has managed to dramatically reduce the costs of manufacturing and cut downing waiting time, allowing the savings to be passed on to the consumer.

“Everything is handled right here,” said John Jahanashahi, Marketing Manager for the Acoustica plant. “We make the shells and assemble the hearing aids. Other firms have to send everything away but we do it all right here.” Hearing tests are performed on-site by their licensed Hearing Aid Specialists on staff to ensure a proper fit.

In addition, as Acoustica has its own technicians on premises in most of the cases hearing aids can be repaired while customers wait.

Using the latest in technology to create all types of hearing aids – analog, programmable and digital, allows the Burnaby manufacturer to offer customers a wide selection in order to suit the customer’s needs.

Customers are able to make their selection and have their units fitted and tested right on-site. Moreover, since Acoustica eliminates the middleman by selling direct to the public, there are significant savings to be had.

Please feel free to contact us for a friendly advice or call us on 604 294 1080.

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